What's new in Stage V?

Technical differences on Park Ranger 2150 Stage III against the 2150 Stage V model

  • Max engine capacity has been changed from 21 to 19 kW.

  • Maximum engine RPM has changed from 3,600 to 3,000 RPM which lower noise and vibrations.

  • The hydrostat has been changed from 18cc to 21cc so that it moves the same amount of oil at 2800 rpm as before at 3600 rpm, meaning same efficiency and performance…

  • The same counts for the twin pump – it has been changed from 11cc to 14cc to B and D hydraulic outlet so that the machine has the same oil flow as the Stage IIIA model.

Read more in our Park Ranger 2150 technical data brochure or see Park Ranger 2150 landing page.


Park Ranger 2150